Richard August Wulfert

12/31/27 – 6/16/15
age 87, Sedona

(published 6/15/16)

A One Year Memoriam: A year ago our father passed away, quickly and painlessly according to his doctor, due to cardiac arrest during the night while away in Kansas City. He had many heart attacks in his adult years yet lived a very happy active life. He loved his wife, Margery Grace Alston Wulfert, from the time of their marriage in 1952, until her passing in 2004, his cat, Meggie, family and friends. He loved golf, martinis, beer, chicken wings, popcorn, football, traveling, card games, old movies, and history. He loved the places he lived including his birth city Chicago, Park Ridge, and Palatine Illinois; La Valle Wisconsin; and Sedona. He and mom enjoyed designing and building or remodeling each home they lived in.

Dad grew up in Park Ridge, graduated from high school at Maine East, 1945, and from University of Illinois at Navy Pier, 1951, with a BA in Marketing after serving in the Air Force Navy, as it was called then, from 1946-47. He married mom in Hollywood, California after a brief courtship in 1952 and they moved to Minneapolis, MN for his work as a traveling salesman for Chicago-based A. J. Nystrom & Company. He rose through the ranks to Director, and then V.P. of Sales and Marketing. In 1974 he joined World Book, Inc. as V.P. of School and Library Sales until a succession of heart attacks led to an early retirement at age 53. They moved from Palatine to their lake home in Wisconsin, and bought their home in Sedona in the 1980s.

They filled their lives with friends, entertaining, travel and activities. Dad was always the life of the party with a great sense of humor, and laughter following him wherever he went. A storyteller at heart, people loved hearing about his wondrous adventures and opportunities around the world. He lived full-out.

We held a celebration of his life for his closest friends and family on June 11, 2016 at The Mariposa Grill in Sedona where we all shared special memories of him. He had requested cremation, and his ashes will be released beside Mom’s ashes in Sedona. He enjoyed being a Dad too, and as the last of his family line, we write this with love and appreciation in memory of our Dad as we knew and remember him. He is survived by Robert, Kimberly, and son-in-law Christopher Anacker. He joins in heaven his parents, George Otto Wulfert, Ethel Sadie Schneider, and brother Robert Edward Wulfert.

Family photos from the slideshow

at our Celebration of Life gathering

in Sedona Arizona June 11, 2016

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The newspaper obituary from 6/15/16